How to Keep Your Carpet Clean 

Keeping the carpet clean is vital in keeping the health security of our homes. With a dirty carpet, we are more prone to respiratory illness and allergies. To avoid this, we should keep our carpet clean. This is easy to do, since it should be on the list of our daily chores. You can hire a professional of carpet cleaning for a deep steam cleaning, but you can do things on your own every day. What are these? Read more.  

Carpet Clean

  1. Clean Regularly 

Since dirt and dust get trapped in the carpet every day, you should clean the carpet every day. Not doing so will result in a build-up that would be problematic. Regular vacuum is the best thing you can do to keep you carpet clean. Before you vacuum the carpet, sprinkle some baking soda for the odor absorption. Aside from looking clean, your carpet will also smell fresh.  

Once you notice some stains on your carpet, treat them immediately. Apply a cleanser specific to the stain and gently blot using a cloth. Do not rub it because it will only worsen the stain. Don’t use a chemical-based cleaner, use your own natural carpet cleaner.  

Like mentioned, you can opt for a professionally cleaned carpet every once in a while. Vacuuming doesn’t get all the dirt, so the carpet is still dirty deep inside the fibers and professional cleaning can get rid of that.  

  1. Preventing Spills and Stains  

Do some precautionary measures to keep the carpet clean. Use runners and area rugs to protect your carpet. Place them where the kids usually play or under a dining room table where spills are most likely to happen.  

If you have pets, train them. Their urine gives off a bad odor that is difficult to remove. Train your pets to urinate and poo outside. You can also use repellant so the pets would be kept away from the carpet. Train not just your pets but your kids too. Always ask them to remove their shoes before walking in the carpet.  

The source of stains like wine, beverages and foods should be kept away from the carpet. Don’t eat or drink in the carpet areas, you can bring them in the areas where there’s no carpet. These are the easiest way to deal with the stains, prevent them from happening.  

  1. Avoid Common Mistakes 

Do not use carpet powders. Others use them to remove scents but it only leaves residues on the carpet that can damage it. Use the baking soda only. But if the smell doesn’t come off with the baking soda, use a small amount of the powder. Never ever rub the stains, just blot them.  

When you hire a carpet cleaner, do not just base on the cheap price they’re offering. Most of the time; these companies will only bring you bad service. They might damage your carpet instead of cleaning them. If you’re applying a carpet cleaner, always test it on the carpet’s small portion.  

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