It is a good thing that we always pay our debts or credits and even our loans from and to the banks or from another person. It would only show that you are a responsible business owner and even person. It may lead to the growing trust that you are putting to them and the same way that they are thinking to you. There is also a time in our lives that we have to accept the fact and reality that the business falls into bankruptcy and there is no way out to get a rise again. Some people can’t pay their borrowed money from their friends because of financial instability. It means that they don’t have much money to pay the debts that they have from you due to the reason that they resigned from the job or they were fired by their company. That is the time that you will find a way by writing a letter of settlement to the bank or to an agency where you loaned your money. This will help you to solve your problem in a way that you are giving a promise to them that you will pay them by the time that you have enough money to settle things or you will assure them that even little by little you are going to pay them in different ways. Most of the bank would accept this kind of way but it would be better if you would hire someone who is good at this one. You can have an expert negotiator as they can help you to make a good letter and they will be the one talking to your banks. But if you can’t afford anymore and you just want to do it on your own. Then, you may try to read the methods in writing a proposal for you to settle things.  

  1. Prepare all the documents you have including all the papers and information about your debts and the things that are related to this. It will help to settle things easily if you have the proof with you. Make sure to sort things out according to their dates and years.  
  2. Think deeply on which one you want to settle first and the possible amount that you can pay immediately and the other alternative ways that you can pay the remaining amount. You have to be honest with them about how you are going to pay them.  
  3. Specify the amount that you can now and of course the terms that you are going to pay the remaining balance.  
  4. Let’s start with writing the letter now. You have to write the name of the bank or the agency and even the person in charge of that. You have put as well your name and even your account information. 
  5. Write down the purpose on why you are writing this and the possible things that you can do to pay the balance. Put all the reasons and the necessary proof as well.  


Most of the students are required to plant trees during the National Day for Environment. This is the time that you need to know about the awareness of planting trees to our lives and to the nature itself. Kansas City tree service company asked all the people to participate in the said activity. It would give a bigger help to save the Earth from any calamity destruction and natural disasters.  

The Environmental Day

There are a lot of reasons behind on why we need to plant trees every time. It helps not only the people but moreover to that it saves the ecosystem to rebuild and regain its natural beauty and purpose in this world. Here are some of the things that you need to know about why many people plant trees in different cities and states during the Earth and Nature Day.  

  1. We all know that the trees are the greatest source of giving and producing fresh and good quality of oxygen air. These trees are the best one to absorb and get all the harmful air that was created from burning plastics and smoke pollution. 
  2. Trees are the excellent helper of the people and the environment in cleaning the unpleasant air that we inhale. They also help to make the place a bit cooler by absorbing heat energy. The more trees you planted the better the air quality that we can get. 
  3. Having plants around your building or house would give fresh air and reduce the use of air conditioning because of the natural breeze that these trees can give. It helps to reduce the usage of those machines that may cause pollution in a way that they produce harmful chemicals when in use. 
  4. We need trees in the future for the production of some house furniture and it creates job for other people. 
  5. One of the most important aspect in letting these trees to grow is that they can give good shelter to the animals and it serves as the main source of food of some living organisms in the world. For example, the bird. The birds need to build their nest when they are going to have a baby bird. The best way to lay eggs for them is in the tree. People need to eat. We get the fruits from the trees and it helps to be healthier and stronger. Animals are also dependent on trees as their main food source. Like the giraffe that they eat the leaves of the tree. They give a place to live and sleep for some animals like monkey, and other insects. 
  6. It gives us the shed when we feel hot outside the house. Aside from the shed the you can get, you would also feel and breath the fresh air around your place. 
  7. It will serve as a good example for our kids in the future. You can teach them to be a good example to others as well. We are all living creature will benefit from what we are doing 




We can experience different calamities in unexpected time. We always feel that this is one way of measuring how strong we are when it comes to disasters like this. It is hard to imagine life without the basic knowledge about what to do and what things we need to make sure to know when we are suffering to this kind of unpleasant calamities. We can have different catastrophes like earthquakes, floods, strong typhoon, fire and many more. Sometimes, we need the help of others in order to survive from this and we need to call the service companies to clean the mess up like the professional people from the During this kind of emergency, you need to calm yourself and try to remember all the basic and appropriate things that you might need to in order to survive. Here are some of the things that you need to know in order to follow the safety measure during the earthquake. 


  1. The first thing that you need to do is to cover your head with your hands and try to get away from that stuff and things like the glass or shelf that can fall down. Going near to those items would have the tendency to shake and will fall to your head and that will be the start of the head injury or wounds and bruises to your body. There will be cases that you are in a shopping mall or maybe grocery stores. Try to move away from those stands that have a lot of bottles and things that can be broken and weigh too much.  
  2. You have to clear your mind from panicking. Look for a table that is safe to hide. In this way, you head and your body will be safe from any falling objects there. You could be under a desk or a table. 
  3. If you can’t find anything that can be used to hid yourself. Then, try to get or grab some soft things that could be used to cover your head like for example the pillow or any cushion that can help your head from any falling things and stuff that may cause brain injury to you.  
  4. If you are hiding under a table. Then, you need to make sure that before you go out you need to make everything clear. Try to secure your place and make sure that you can’t feel anything before you get out there. You can go out now of the house or the building and try to inform your family that you are safe or you can go to the middle of the road. 
  5. When you are going out. You still need to pay attention to the broken pieces of glasses and to the small debris and even to the sharp objects.  
  6. If you could help other people Then, that would be a good and nice act. But make sure that you can help them in a way that you are not doing this because you want to show to others that you can help.