How Can You Avoid Dryer Fires?

Failure to perform maintenance and thorough cleaning are one of the most common causes of why dryer fires occur. This is due to a lint trap, which isn’t a foolproof way of getting all the clothes’ fuzzy stuff. Over time, lint could develop and catch fire in the exhaust duct or heating element.  

What makes this problem worse is the fact that a lot of people are now installing dryers out of their basements. This commonly leads to elongate dryer vent pipes. Longer vent pipes are most likely to become bent to adapt the home’s structure, which makes spaces for lint to develop. Here are some tips to avoid dryer fires: 

Clean out the lint 

Every time you utilize the dryer, see to it that you will clean out the lint filter. It is also recommended to clear out the vent pipe in order to maintain the dryer’s efficiency and to minimize the probability of fire. 


Carefully install your vent pipe 

Make sure that you religiously follow the instructions from the dryer manual as you install the vent pipe. Utilize a straight and short pipe with the right distance from the wall. There will be fewer chances for lint to develop through limiting the bends in the dryer’s vent pipe. If you want to vent your dryer for a wider distance, then you should invest in a dryer vent fan. These programmed electric devices make the airflow move rapidly through the ducts once you turn on your dryer.  


Tidy out combustibles 

Flammables, such as cleaning supplies, should be placed farther from your dryer. Moreover, you need to sweep out the dust underneath and around your dryer regularly.  


Choose a metal dryer duct 

Studies have proven that plastic ducts or flexible foil have a greater possibility of sagging and may result in the buildup of lint at low areas. Metal ducts of any kind do not sag. Also, they are more capable of containing the fire that would begin. 


Read tags 

When the care label states that an item should be tumbled dry low, never try to turn the dryer too high. You also have to be careful with particular items such as bibs, padded bras, and bath mats since they might have rubber that must not be exposed to hot temperature.  


Be very careful with flammable liquids 

As much as possible, you must wash stained clothing with volatile chemicals more than once. And most importantly, choose line dry rather than machine dry.  


Use your clothing to know what the problems are 

Clothes are too hot to touch or do not feel dry after a normal dry cycle are one of the indications that there’s something wrong going on. Before you do the following load, clean out any lint and see if the vent is plugged.  


 If there’s anything that feels sketchy when it comes to your dryer, it is best to contact a professional dryer repair Calgary technician so that you can be further informed whether your drier needs to be repaired or it is still doing well.  


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