Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Myths

There are a lot of great details about cleaning a carpet. But, some of the guidelines which homeowners usually provide cause more than good. The following are some of the carpet cleaning myths that cause major harm to your carpet:

1. Cleaning Your Carpet with the Use of Vinegar

Vinegar is usually suggested as a natural way of cleaning your carpet. Even though it is a good disinfectant, it can’t get rid of the stains. One reputable association tested vinegar in cleaning a carpet along with some other natural cleaning agents. They discovered that vinegar was the worst among the rest of the cleaning products with regards to cleaning a carpet.

A lot of homeowners suggest using vinegar together with baking soda. Nevertheless, this will not get rid of the stains as well. As a matter of fact, you will only end up with a patch which you will give yourself a very hard time removing.

In addition to that, some websites on the internet suggest the use of vinegar together with baking soda but, this is very dangerous. This may create peracetic acid in which it can cause respiratory problems as well as irritate the human skin.

2. You Should Not Use Vacuum Frequently When Cleaning Your Carpet

A lot of individuals have been informed that vacuuming your carpet is not food for it. However, modernized carpet has been created to bear several vacuuming. Furthermore, vacuuming the carpet is known to be one of the greatest things which you can do in order to maintain a clean and presentable carpet. You can also get rid 80% of the dust and dirt from the carpet by vacuuming.

Most homeowners need to vacuum their carpets for at least one every week. However, areas with a lot of traffic may require vacuuming on a daily basis.

3. Hair Spray Can Be Used to Clean a Carpet

Hairspray is made for your hair. Thus, it is not created to be utilized on your carpet. Hairspray will remain a residue which you will not really want to leave on your carpet. If the residue is not eliminated, then it will draw dirt and contaminants. Also, hairspray can cause a lasting damage to the carpet, as well.

4. Modern Carpet

It is obviously a total myth if your carpet is modernized and it does not need cleaning anymore. Even if your carpet looks new and clean, it can still be contaminated. Modern carpets are made in order to hide stains and dirt. You should have the carpet cleaned with the help of a professional and highly experienced carpet cleaning near me at least 6-12 months.

5. The Best Way for Cleaning Your Carpet is With the Use of Water

The use of water to clean a carpet is harmless but it can sometimes give you more problems than good. When you use water on, for instance, an ink, there is a chance that the stain will turn into a permanent stain to the carpet. Water can, as well, cause acidic stains to spread.


How Can You Avoid Dryer Fires?

Failure to perform maintenance and thorough cleaning are one of the most common causes of why dryer fires occur. This is due to a lint trap, which isn’t a foolproof way of getting all the clothes’ fuzzy stuff. Over time, lint could develop and catch fire in the exhaust duct or heating element.  

What makes this problem worse is the fact that a lot of people are now installing dryers out of their basements. This commonly leads to elongate dryer vent pipes. Longer vent pipes are most likely to become bent to adapt the home’s structure, which makes spaces for lint to develop. Here are some tips to avoid dryer fires: 

Clean out the lint 

Every time you utilize the dryer, see to it that you will clean out the lint filter. It is also recommended to clear out the vent pipe in order to maintain the dryer’s efficiency and to minimize the probability of fire. 


Carefully install your vent pipe 

Make sure that you religiously follow the instructions from the dryer manual as you install the vent pipe. Utilize a straight and short pipe with the right distance from the wall. There will be fewer chances for lint to develop through limiting the bends in the dryer’s vent pipe. If you want to vent your dryer for a wider distance, then you should invest in a dryer vent fan. These programmed electric devices make the airflow move rapidly through the ducts once you turn on your dryer.  


Tidy out combustibles 

Flammables, such as cleaning supplies, should be placed farther from your dryer. Moreover, you need to sweep out the dust underneath and around your dryer regularly.  


Choose a metal dryer duct 

Studies have proven that plastic ducts or flexible foil have a greater possibility of sagging and may result in the buildup of lint at low areas. Metal ducts of any kind do not sag. Also, they are more capable of containing the fire that would begin. 


Read tags 

When the care label states that an item should be tumbled dry low, never try to turn the dryer too high. You also have to be careful with particular items such as bibs, padded bras, and bath mats since they might have rubber that must not be exposed to hot temperature.  


Be very careful with flammable liquids 

As much as possible, you must wash stained clothing with volatile chemicals more than once. And most importantly, choose line dry rather than machine dry.  


Use your clothing to know what the problems are 

Clothes are too hot to touch or do not feel dry after a normal dry cycle are one of the indications that there’s something wrong going on. Before you do the following load, clean out any lint and see if the vent is plugged.  


 If there’s anything that feels sketchy when it comes to your dryer, it is best to contact a professional dryer repair Calgary technician so that you can be further informed whether your drier needs to be repaired or it is still doing well.  



How to Keep Your HVAC Running During Harsh Weather

Keeping your HVAC unit at home in tiptop condition all throughout the year must be on the list of your priorities. Most especially if you do not want your unit to break down or down when you need it the most. This is the time when you need professional services which offer air and heating conditioning repair. The following are some ways in which you can increase the lifespan of your HVAC unit and ensure that it runs properly all throughout the year:

AC Repair Boca Raton

1. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Setting appointments for maintenance on a regular basis is very important. One of the biggest errors which many homeowners do when it comes to HVAC is not scheduling maintenance checks regularly. Waiting for your HVAC unit to malfunction or break down or the air ducts and filter to clog, is actually not a wise idea if you like your HVAC system to keep operating smoothly. As a matter of fact, a regular maintenance check of your HVAC system by a professional and experienced HVAC service provider offering HVAC repair, will ensure that the unit is able to function effectively when you really need it. One of the advantages of scheduling a maintenance check for your HVAC system regularly is that is allows the homeowner to take care of small problems with the system which when ignored can turn into serious problems.

2. Protect the Outdoor System

If the outdoor system of your home’s HVAC unit is out in the open space, it would be a wise move to cover it before the storm’s about to come. You must install hail guards before the storms in order to protect the outdoor unit from getting damaged. In addition to that, hail may cause serious problems to the refrigerant fins and coil of the outdoor system. This is the reason why you need to use professional services of the company offering HVAC repair which has experienced and expert contractors who can properly install hail guards which are constructed from the metal mesh which protects your outdoor unit from damage while allowing efficient cooling and heating.

3. Protect the Wiring

When you find your HVAC thermostat off, chances are, your HVAC wiring is burnt and requires replacement. Fortunately, you can have this kind of issue fixed by hiring a professional and experienced ac repair Boca Raton service provider who also offers HVAC repair. In order to minimize the risks of a short circuit, you should ensure that the wiring that is operating between the outdoor system as well as the main HVAC unit is protected and covered. That is because even wires which are insulated can deteriorate in the long run because of the harsh weather and extreme temperatures.

4. Insulation of the Duct System

Proper duct system insulation will definitely ensure no air escapes, causing your system to run harder to keep a comfortable temperature. Sometimes, the ductwork of your HVAC system begins to leak since the homeowners refuse to fix minor problems right away.






It is a good thing that we always pay our debts or credits and even our loans from and to the banks or from another person. It would only show that you are a responsible business owner and even person. It may lead to the growing trust that you are putting to them and the same way that they are thinking to you. There is also a time in our lives that we have to accept the fact and reality that the business falls into bankruptcy and there is no way out to get a rise again. Some people can’t pay their borrowed money from their friends because of financial instability. It means that they don’t have much money to pay the debts that they have from you due to the reason that they resigned from the job or they were fired by their company. That is the time that you will find a way by writing a letter of settlement to the bank or to an agency where you loaned your money. This will help you to solve your problem in a way that you are giving a promise to them that you will pay them by the time that you have enough money to settle things or you will assure them that even little by little you are going to pay them in different ways. Most of the bank would accept this kind of way but it would be better if you would hire someone who is good at this one. You can have an expert negotiator as they can help you to make a good letter and they will be the one talking to your banks. But if you can’t afford anymore and you just want to do it on your own. Then, you may try to read the methods in writing a proposal for you to settle things.  

  1. Prepare all the documents you have including all the papers and information about your debts and the things that are related to this. It will help to settle things easily if you have the proof with you. Make sure to sort things out according to their dates and years.  
  2. Think deeply on which one you want to settle first and the possible amount that you can pay immediately and the other alternative ways that you can pay the remaining amount. You have to be honest with them about how you are going to pay them.  
  3. Specify the amount that you can now and of course the terms that you are going to pay the remaining balance.  
  4. Let’s start with writing the letter now. You have to write the name of the bank or the agency and even the person in charge of that. You have put as well your name and even your account information. 
  5. Write down the purpose on why you are writing this and the possible things that you can do to pay the balance. Put all the reasons and the necessary proof as well.  


We can experience different calamities in unexpected time. We always feel that this is one way of measuring how strong we are when it comes to disasters like this. It is hard to imagine life without the basic knowledge about what to do and what things we need to make sure to know when we are suffering to this kind of unpleasant calamities. We can have different catastrophes like earthquakes, floods, strong typhoon, fire and many more. Sometimes, we need the help of others in order to survive from this and we need to call the service companies to clean the mess up like the professional people from the During this kind of emergency, you need to calm yourself and try to remember all the basic and appropriate things that you might need to in order to survive. Here are some of the things that you need to know in order to follow the safety measure during the earthquake. 


  1. The first thing that you need to do is to cover your head with your hands and try to get away from that stuff and things like the glass or shelf that can fall down. Going near to those items would have the tendency to shake and will fall to your head and that will be the start of the head injury or wounds and bruises to your body. There will be cases that you are in a shopping mall or maybe grocery stores. Try to move away from those stands that have a lot of bottles and things that can be broken and weigh too much.  
  2. You have to clear your mind from panicking. Look for a table that is safe to hide. In this way, you head and your body will be safe from any falling objects there. You could be under a desk or a table. 
  3. If you can’t find anything that can be used to hid yourself. Then, try to get or grab some soft things that could be used to cover your head like for example the pillow or any cushion that can help your head from any falling things and stuff that may cause brain injury to you.  
  4. If you are hiding under a table. Then, you need to make sure that before you go out you need to make everything clear. Try to secure your place and make sure that you can’t feel anything before you get out there. You can go out now of the house or the building and try to inform your family that you are safe or you can go to the middle of the road. 
  5. When you are going out. You still need to pay attention to the broken pieces of glasses and to the small debris and even to the sharp objects.  
  6. If you could help other people Then, that would be a good and nice act. But make sure that you can help them in a way that you are not doing this because you want to show to others that you can help.