How to Keep Your HVAC Running During Harsh Weather

Keeping your HVAC unit at home in tiptop condition all throughout the year must be on the list of your priorities. Most especially if you do not want your unit to break down or down when you need it the most. This is the time when you need professional services which offer air and heating conditioning repair. The following are some ways in which you can increase the lifespan of your HVAC unit and ensure that it runs properly all throughout the year:

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1. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Setting appointments for maintenance on a regular basis is very important. One of the biggest errors which many homeowners do when it comes to HVAC is not scheduling maintenance checks regularly. Waiting for your HVAC unit to malfunction or break down or the air ducts and filter to clog, is actually not a wise idea if you like your HVAC system to keep operating smoothly. As a matter of fact, a regular maintenance check of your HVAC system by a professional and experienced HVAC service provider offering HVAC repair, will ensure that the unit is able to function effectively when you really need it. One of the advantages of scheduling a maintenance check for your HVAC system regularly is that is allows the homeowner to take care of small problems with the system which when ignored can turn into serious problems.

2. Protect the Outdoor System

If the outdoor system of your home’s HVAC unit is out in the open space, it would be a wise move to cover it before the storm’s about to come. You must install hail guards before the storms in order to protect the outdoor unit from getting damaged. In addition to that, hail may cause serious problems to the refrigerant fins and coil of the outdoor system. This is the reason why you need to use professional services of the company offering HVAC repair which has experienced and expert contractors who can properly install hail guards which are constructed from the metal mesh which protects your outdoor unit from damage while allowing efficient cooling and heating.

3. Protect the Wiring

When you find your HVAC thermostat off, chances are, your HVAC wiring is burnt and requires replacement. Fortunately, you can have this kind of issue fixed by hiring a professional and experienced ac repair Boca Raton service provider who also offers HVAC repair. In order to minimize the risks of a short circuit, you should ensure that the wiring that is operating between the outdoor system as well as the main HVAC unit is protected and covered. That is because even wires which are insulated can deteriorate in the long run because of the harsh weather and extreme temperatures.

4. Insulation of the Duct System

Proper duct system insulation will definitely ensure no air escapes, causing your system to run harder to keep a comfortable temperature. Sometimes, the ductwork of your HVAC system begins to leak since the homeowners refuse to fix minor problems right away.