Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Myths

There are a lot of great details about cleaning a carpet. But, some of the guidelines which homeowners usually provide cause more than good. The following are some of the carpet cleaning myths that cause major harm to your carpet:

1. Cleaning Your Carpet with the Use of Vinegar

Vinegar is usually suggested as a natural way of cleaning your carpet. Even though it is a good disinfectant, it can’t get rid of the stains. One reputable association tested vinegar in cleaning a carpet along with some other natural cleaning agents. They discovered that vinegar was the worst among the rest of the cleaning products with regards to cleaning a carpet.

A lot of homeowners suggest using vinegar together with baking soda. Nevertheless, this will not get rid of the stains as well. As a matter of fact, you will only end up with a patch which you will give yourself a very hard time removing.

In addition to that, some websites on the internet suggest the use of vinegar together with baking soda but, this is very dangerous. This may create peracetic acid in which it can cause respiratory problems as well as irritate the human skin.

2. You Should Not Use Vacuum Frequently When Cleaning Your Carpet

A lot of individuals have been informed that vacuuming your carpet is not food for it. However, modernized carpet has been created to bear several vacuuming. Furthermore, vacuuming the carpet is known to be one of the greatest things which you can do in order to maintain a clean and presentable carpet. You can also get rid 80% of the dust and dirt from the carpet by vacuuming.

Most homeowners need to vacuum their carpets for at least one every week. However, areas with a lot of traffic may require vacuuming on a daily basis.

3. Hair Spray Can Be Used to Clean a Carpet

Hairspray is made for your hair. Thus, it is not created to be utilized on your carpet. Hairspray will remain a residue which you will not really want to leave on your carpet. If the residue is not eliminated, then it will draw dirt and contaminants. Also, hairspray can cause a lasting damage to the carpet, as well.

4. Modern Carpet

It is obviously a total myth if your carpet is modernized and it does not need cleaning anymore. Even if your carpet looks new and clean, it can still be contaminated. Modern carpets are made in order to hide stains and dirt. You should have the carpet cleaned with the help of a professional and highly experienced carpet cleaning near me at least 6-12 months.

5. The Best Way for Cleaning Your Carpet is With the Use of Water

The use of water to clean a carpet is harmless but it can sometimes give you more problems than good. When you use water on, for instance, an ink, there is a chance that the stain will turn into a permanent stain to the carpet. Water can, as well, cause acidic stains to spread.